Exceptional massage therapy combining the modalities of Zen Shiatsu, Thai Massage, and Osteopathy.


All sessions begin with a short diagnosis (pulse, tongue and postural assessment) which allows the treatment to be designed to your specific needs. The therapy is performed fully clothed on a ground mat where you are supported with cushions as required. Through the session we address your unique focus areas as well as bringing overall balance to the structural, energetic and emotional body

"Matilda has a calm and wise presence, able to prescribe a treatment with the precision of an engineer and the sensitivity of an artist. The result of this for me was nothing short of miraculous. When I rose from the mat the gripping shoulder pain that had plagued me for years was resolved."

- Lisa Simington


Prices for Zenthai Shiatsu Therapy Sessions

Initial Consultation (2-2.5 hrs)                $130  (Concession) - $150  (Waged)

Follow up Consultation (~1.5 hrs)           $110   (Concession) - $130  (Waged) 

30min Spinal Mobilisation                        $50  



*Health fund rebates unavailable due to the lack of government support for natural therapies


Zenthai Shiatsu offers

support with:

Lower, middle and upper back problems

Neck and shoulder issues

Hip problems

Joint pain/stiffness

Restricted breathing

General tightness/soreness in the body

Mobility issues

Circulation issues

Remedial Bodywork

Belly 2_edited.jpg

Lower back pain

Oedema and Swelling

Neck and shoulders

Joint pain & Sciatic nerve pain

Restricted breathing

Pelvic pains

Pubic Symphis Disfunction

Blood flow and lymphatic drainage

Labour preparation and induction

Suitable for all Trimesters

Pregnancy Massage


Holistic lifestyle consultation based on Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and Yoga. Incorporated in every bodywork session.

Emotional concerns

Energetic imbalances


Stress and anxiety

Energy depletion


Holistic Health


Simple yoga for peace and wellbeing. Focussing on breath

and mindfulness.

In the tradition of Sri T. Krishnamacharya 

$15 group classes

$60 private session​

Svastha Yoga

Adelaide Massage

Myrtle Bank massage

Unley Massage

Unley Remedial Massage

Adelaide Remedial Massage

Fullarton Rd Massage

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