Choosing Joy in 2017

I sit, and again, I choose Joy.

What does this mean? How can I choose joy when there are so many things going on? I see problems, challenges and emotional waves with spectacular peaks and deep troughs.

It's not a disregard for the painful. Rather a full acknowledgement, embodiment, and yes...absolute love for myself in my capacity for emotional drama.

Somehow, in this love for myself, I see myself less as "matilda the (insert chosen identity)" and more as an expression of the universe, a brief manifestation of life. And that, for me, brings joy. It's just really cool that I exist, and that I am as complex and vast as the universe itself. to ever fully comprehend this vastness, I shall take my seat and smile. And I shall take my smile and share it.

For it is wonderful to smile and it is wonderful to share.

So this here (my first ever blog post!), is a reminder to myself. A reminder to look upon myself with kindness, gently disengage from drama, and reconnect with joy.

Thats just about all I wish to say. Except for these...a few more intentions for 2017:

1) Full embodiment of the present experience - within the energetic, emotional and physical realms (play with tuning into all scales from the nano level to the universal level....hmm both infinite). Also permission/freedom to radically disregard both the past and the future.

2) Raw expression. Explorative and unbound body movements and vocal play - yes! Forget perfection and embrace the messy.

3) Relaxation of identity and exposure of my boundless self. Let Matilda be vast.