Craig Hubbard - Yoga Teacher & Founder of Shambhala Farm - May 2016


Matilda has a natural healing gift that flows so effortlessly through every fiber of her being. It was a profoundly deep and transformative experience physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am so honored to have received a Zen Thai Shiatsu treatment from Matilda. The Zen Thai way is so effective at working at the deep tissue and connective fascia level and brings the whole body into a state of profound balance and harmony. Although to have a practitioner such as Matilda guiding the journey with her healing touch is an experience that will change your life.



Lisa Simington - Dog trainer & Laboratory Technician - January 2016


“When the student is ready the teacher appears”…


Matilda has a calm and wise presence, able to prescribe a treatment with the prescision of an engineer and the sensitivity of an artist. The result of this for me was nothing short of miraculous. When I rose from the mat the gripping shoulder pain that had plagued me for years was resolved. Matilda began our session by establishing trust. With the utmost respect she asked questions of my body with her hands, assessing the responses to determine my limits for pace, pressure and flexion. Matilda was able to harness my body heat, somehow directing its flow to lead me to parts of my body that I had isolated through pain. Reconnecting with these areas was a healing process that challenged me on many levels and saw the rise and ebb of many emotions. Matilda was aware of this, skillfully and intuitively adjusting her bodymoves to ease my passage. Thank you Matilda. I could not have asked for a more attentive and passionate therapist to introduce me to Zenthai Shiatsu. The experience has been life changing. You have reminded me of the joy of movement, the value of collaborative healing, and the importance of flow to the spirit.



Daniel O'Morchoe - Outdoor Adventure Guide - December 2015


Matilda's presence and energy throughout each session is incredibly focused, relaxed and comforting. Each session being varied from the last with a flow that targets physical and emotional blockages. She has greatly improved comfort in a sever back injury I obtained snowboarding by releasing and strengthening the affected area. Her work has balanced my emotions through some pretty tough times recently. It is really quite hard to express the wording to how these treatments have healed me both physicaly and emotionally and I find Matilda's awareness and knowledge are exceptional. I would recommend anyone to avail of a treatment from her.